Discflo™ Disc Pumps have been solving the toughest problems in the pumping industry for over 40 years.

Our unique pumping mechanism is based on the effect of a boundary layer and viscous drag principle, which produces a pulsation-free laminar flow. This technology creates a low-to-no maintenance system by minimizing contact between the pump and the raw material being pumped. The results speak for themselves.

Wear on our Disc Pump components is greatly reduced resulting in pump longevity, reducing operational costs and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in parts, maintenance, and product loss. The powerful combination of superior abrasion resistance, gas-entrained pumping ability, and non-emulsifying laminar flow make the Discflo Disc Pump the ideal choice for the toughest applications.

Discflo Disc Pumps only require a quarter of the net positive suction head (NPSH) than any other industry pumps.

Discflo™ Pumps leads the field in engineering pump solutions for hard-to-pump applications.  Founded in 1982, the company has built a world-wide reputation designing pumps to solve some of industry’s toughest pumping problems.

Discflo Pumps have been replacing centrifugal, eccentric, progressive cavity, lobe, gear, and even chopper pumps in applications such as wastewater treatment, offshore oil platforms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and mining.

We are best known for our innovative Disc Pump technology; a unique laminar-flow, non-impingement pumping system that cuts maintenance and downtime, while increasing pump life. Our Disc Pump has been proven to pump abrasives with minimal wear, pump efficiently at viscosity over 200,000 cPs, handle large/stringy solids without clogging, and pump water or oil fluids without emulsifying.

Discflo specializes in servicing many industries, including Oil & Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, Municipal Water/Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, Steel Manufacturing, General Industrial and Specialty Applications. We lead the world in slurry pumps, abrasives pumps, cantilever pumps and wastewater pumps.

Discflo Disc Pumps have been employed in a wide range of industries and municipal applications.

We successfully serve many of the top companies in the world.

The toughest applications deserve the toughest pump.Only the best, for the toughest.

Hydraulic Pump Parts Cost Comparison (In USD)

Discflo Pump 2K
Centrifugal 60K
Progressive Cavity 80K
Twin Screw 90K

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