Discflo™ Pumps was founded in 1982 and quickly became an industry leader in the hard-to-pump market throughout the world.

We are best known for our innovative Disc Pump technology; a unique laminar-flow, non-impingement pumping system that cuts maintenance and downtime, while increasing pump life. Our Disc Pump has been proven to pump abrasives with minimal wear, pump efficiently at viscosity over 200,000 cPs, handle large/stringy solids without clogging, and pump water or oil fluids without emulsifying.

Our record of success in the highly competitive pump market is a result of our breakthrough, state-of-the-art pump technology and our commitment to providing the most efficient and economical solutions to the toughest pumping problems.

Discflo Pumps have been replacing centrifugal, eccentric, progressive cavity, lobe, gear, and even chopper pumps in applications across many industries. We specialize in servicing Oil & Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, Municipal Water/Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, Steel Manufacturing, General Industrial, and Specialty Applications. We lead the world in slurry pumps, abrasives pumps, cantilever pumps, and wastewater pumps.

  • Made in America (Located in Santee, CA)

  • ISO Certification

  • CE Certification

  • ATEX Certification

  • Saudi Aramco Certification

Discflo™ Harnesses the Power of Boundary Layer Viscous Drag

In severe applications where abrasion, viscosity, entrained air, excessive wear, and corrosion problems wreak havoc on pump systems and degrade products, Discflo has developed a superior alternative that dramatically reduces pump wear, is virtually clog free and prevents product damage.

In place of a conventional impeller, we use our patented Discpac. Rather than violently push fluid through and out, the Discflo disc pump gently pulls fluid through the pump.

The non-impingement and laminar flow pumping of our disc pump is similar to flow through an ordinary pipe. The layers of fluid at the walls are stationary (relative to the rotating discs), creating a protective boundary layer. Viscous drag pulls layers into flows of smooth laminar streams.

No Close Tolerances

Our disc pump is not a centrifugal pump, positive displacement, gear, or lobe pump. Unique in design, our disc pump bridges the performance gaps of conventional pumps and is capable of out-performing all of them in many applications.

No Radial Loads

Our disc pump uses a new and patented technology that isn’t available in any other pump. The technology of our disc pump harnesses the natural power of the boundary layer and viscous drag.

No Pulsating, Laminar Flow

Through viscous drag, the fluid is pulled through our pumps without impingement. The boundary layer attracts and drags successive layers of fluid molecules into layered flows of parallel streams. This is the simple principle of viscous drag, and in Discflo disc pumps, it is a powerful and dynamic force that “pulls” the fluid through the pump in a smooth laminar, non-turbulent flow.

With no impingement device to damage your product, and a boundary layer of protection for the pump, our disc pumps effectively eliminate the root cause of clogging, cavitation, excessive wear, and product damage that plague the performance of conventional pumps.

Discflo pumps are more reliable and efficient in handling tough applications, and much more cost effective. Our pumps simply last longer, require fewer (if any) repairs, and won’t damage your product.

Learn more about Discflo's patented technology, and how we expanded on Nikola Tesla’s original concept of Boundary Layer Viscous Drag to create our unique pumping mechanism.

Our technology creates a low-to-no maintenance system by minimizing contact between the pump and the raw material being pumped. The results speak for themselves. Click on the image to below to view the guide.

Longer Seal Life

Laminar Flow

Excellent Mean Time To Repair

High Suction Life Capability

No Pulsation

No Radial Load

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