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To provide superior pumping solutions that are intelligent, optimize efficiency, reliability and sustainability for our customers across industries.

Who We Are

Our dedication to quality and precision when manufacturing our pumps is shown in the longevity of our pumps in the field. Less than 5% of our annual revenue comes from replacement part sales.


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Discflo is the long-term,
cost-effective solution for even the toughest applications.

Our team has been revolutionizing the pumping industry since 1982. We are an industry leader because our pumps can handle even the toughest application. 

Our Discflo disc pumps have been replacing centrifugal, eccentric, progressive cavity, lobe, gear, and chopper pumps in many industries. Thanks to our innovative, breakthrough technology that combines the power of boundary layer and viscous drag, our disc pumps handle even the toughest applications with ease and minimal maintenance.

Where We Come From

For over 40 years, we have been pump innovators. We are dedicated to constantly improving and leading the way in pumping viscous materials. Our goal is for our customers to see a decrease in maintenance costs and downtime while pumping difficult materials.