Engineering Solutions for Oil and Gas

In this blog post, you’ll learn how Discflo helps lead oil & gas companies to revolutionize their operation and end the constant battle with pump failure.

What is the Best Pump for High Solids? 4 Challenges Disc Pumps Solve

Centrifugal pumps have long been the go-to in the pumping industry. But when it comes to pumping high solids and particulates, centrifugal pumps are prone to constant clogging, extreme wear and tear, and product damage–driving up operational costs and reducing efficiency. Capable of handling up to 80% solids by volume, Discflo disc pumps are the […]

How to Choose the Right Food & Beverage Pump

In the food and beverage industry, a subpar pump means inconsistent performance and a never-ending battle against breakdowns, resulting in constant maintenance. Installing a better system can transform both your workflow and your profit margins, but where do you begin? In this blog, we’ll unpack how to choose the right pump for food and beverage–and […]

Food and Beverage: Centrifugal Pumps vs Discflo Disc Pumps

The food and beverage industry faces unique challenges that pose difficulties for many commonly used pumps. For the user, this can mean expensive, unplanned downtime and high replacement parts costs. One of the most commonly used pumps in the food and beverage industry is the centrifugal pump. These pumps and their replacement parts are readily […]

Optimizing Your Fluid Handling

Pumps take a tremendous amount of wear and tear when handling fluids, particularly abrasive or viscous materials. Over time, this can cost organizations large amounts of money and time through extensive and costly maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Discflo can help you optimize your fluid handling to maximize efficiency and decrease downtime. How Discflo Disc Pumps […]

Eight Tips to Prepare for a Successful Pump Installation

Whether your pump is responsible for moving raw materials out of your storage tank to the core reactor or thick slurries back out to the wastewater treatment area, you rely on pumps to keep production moving. Installing a new pump can throw a wrench in your gears, but the pros of a new pump often […]

Four Sludge Pumping Challenges Discflo Disc Pumps Solve

Pumping sludge comes with a host of challenges. The unique characteristics of sludge, such as a high solids content, makes it a unique challenge for traditional pumps. Fortunately, the right type of pump take the challenge out of pumping wastewater. Thanks to our patented Discpac technology that harnesses the combined power of boundary layer and […]

Pumping Viscous Pharmaceuticals During Manufacturing

In 2021, the pharmaceutical market had a value of $1482.4 million, and is projected to increase to $2067.35 million by 2028. This expected growth is indicative of an increasing demand for healthcare as well as innovative new drugs. These drugs can often place a strain on manufacturers for a number of reasons, including their viscosity […]

The Science Behind Pumping High Viscosity Fluids

High viscosity fluids pose a unique pumping challenge for operations in dozens of industries worldwide. When these fluids constantly cause pump malfunctions, downtime, and high maintenance costs, it can be easy to get discouraged and frustrated. The good news is that there is a solution to pumping high viscosity fluids thanks to the unique science […]

How Discflo Pumps Stand Out

When choosing an industrial pump, there’s a wide range of options; but if you need to pump large particulates, suspended solids, highly viscous material, a shear sensitive product, or abrasive fluids, your options quickly become limited. That’s where Discflo pumps come in. From conception to execution, our pumps are built differently. We start by looking […]