Disc Pumps Built to API-610

Discflo has designed a line of pumps to comply with the latest edition of API-610 for high temperature and high pressure applications in the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries. They are designed for processes up to 1000º F, and allowable working pressures to 1480 psi. Flow ranges to 8000 GPM can be accommodated, with heads up to 1200 ft.

Excels in Harsh Service

Discflo’s API Pumps use the unique Discpac technology, a ‘non-impingement’ impeller that excels at handling abrasive, corrosive, viscous, high-solids and/or gas-entrained fluids with minimal wear and maintenance. These pumps are designed with extra heavy duty shaft and bearings, back pull-out construction for easier maintenance and center-line support for high temperature stability.

API Pumps:

Offer exceptional productivity and cost-savings benefits. Using the innovative Discpac technology, these pumps offer a superior alternative to centrifugal, progressive cavity, lobe and gear pumps for viscous, abrasive, high solids and gas entrained fluids as well as handling shear sensitive and delicate chemicals and emulsions. Tests have proven that Disc pumps can pump oil/water fluids without emulsifying them. Built to API Standards for the Oil & Natural Gas industry.

cantilever pump

Cantilever Disc Pumps

Utilized in tank or sump environments. Fluctuations in temperature, pressure and solids content are handled efficiently without breakdown. Ideal solutions for reliable, low maintenance operation in the harshest applications.

glass lined pump

Glass Lined Pumps

A specialty line of pumps offering superior abrasion and corrosion resistance available on all standard Disc Pump models. Extends the wear life of a pump over any other type of pump in the industry.

Horizontal Pumps

Discflo’s line of horizontal, end-suction Disc Pumps use the unique Discpac technology to provide a superior alternative to centrifugal and PC pumps in tough applications. Disc pumps have no close tolerances and deliver laminar, pulsation-free flow.

They excel at handling abrasive, high-solids (up to 90%) and/or viscous fluids. They can also pump air or gas entrained fluids, up to 80% by volume, and large or stringy solids, without clogging. The Disc Pump’s unique non-impingement Discpac ‘impeller’ prevents degradation, emulsification and damage to delicate and shear sensitive products.

Handles a wide variety of difficult fluids efficiently and effectively, without breaking down in service. The same pump model can handle fluctuations in temperature, pressure, solids content and even product without breakdown. Horizontal pump line includes: in-line, close-coupled, side-by-side, over-under and self-priming configurations for hard-to-pump applications


horizontal in line pump


horizontal close couple pump


horizontal side by side pump
sanitary pump

Sanitary Pumps

Discflo offers two lines of sanitary pumps, the SP Series and MIS Series. Both series meet 3-A sanitary and international hygiene standards and USDA requirements. They can be supplied in Clean-in-Place or Steam-in-Place versions, and in a variety of metallurgy to meet the user’s requirements.

SP Series

Discflo’s SP sanitary pumps use the unique non-impingement Discpac technology to pump delicate fluids, e.g. soft foodstuffs (corn, fruit, etc) and pharmaceutical products, without damage, and handle shear sensitive fluids, such as citrus oils, without emulsification. The user benefits not only from lower pump operating costs, but also from higher processing yields and better quality product.

MIS Series

The MIS line of centrifugal pumps offers users a heavy-duty, easy-to-clean unit at a very competitive price. Using a unique impeller with an integral inducer, the MIS pump can operate at lower positive suction heads for the same flow rate than other centrifugal pumps.

submersible pump

Submersible Pumps

Discflo’s submersible pumps are the perfect solution for viscous, abrasive and/or high-solids applications. They have been employed successfully in some of the toughest installations, including digester sludge, toxic slurries, nuclear waste, dewatering tank transfer, drilling, dredging, and environmental clean-up. In many cases, they are retrofitted to replace failed centrifugal, progressive cavity, lobe, gear and chopper pumps.

The unique Discpac impeller technology lets the pump handle viscosities as high as 200,000 cPs and slurries with up to 80% solids. The Discflo submersible pump is designed without close tolerances to handle large and stringy solids without clogging. Users can also deadhead the discharge and/or starve the suction for short periods (provided the seal is protected) without damaging the pump.

dry pit pump

Sump & Dry Pit Pumps

Discflo manufactures a complete line of sump and dry pit pumps for heavy-duty sewage, sludge and slurry applications. Using the unique Discpac technology, these pumps provide clog-free, low cost, long-lived operation, outperforming progressive cavity, centrifugal, lobe and chopper pumps in even the toughest installations. Sump Disc Pumps have a low NPSH requirement. In addition to ductile iron, Discflo’s sump and dry pit pumps can be engineered in stainless steel, Hastalloy, CD4 and other exotic metals, to meet the user’s specific abrasion and/or corrosion resistance needs.

discflo multistage pump

Multistage Pumps

Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump consists of two or more impellers. They are used in pumping services of moderate-to-high TDHs (total dynamic head). Each stage is essentially a separate pump. All the stages are within the same housing and installed on the same shaft.

Disc Mixers

The Discmixer mixes using parallel discs, either smooth or ribbed, which rotate perpendicular to the shaft. During mixing, a boundary layer is formed on the disc surfaces as they rotate. This layer protects the mixer from wear.

• Non-Contact Mixing
• Pulsation-free
• No Radial Loads
• No Dead Spots

Delicate Solids • Lime • Viscosity • Polymers • Entrained Air • Suspended Solids • Abrasives • Digesters • Non-Emulisifying • Water Purification

Bringing a completely new approach to dewatering of sludge and slurries.

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• 316 SS
• Alloy 20
• CD4MCu
• Ductile Iron
• Hastelloy
• Maxalloy 350 High Cr Fe Annealed
• Maxalloy 700 High Cr Fe Hardened
• Titanium


• API-610
• Cantilever
• Close Coupled
• Horizontal Direct Coupled
• Over-Under / Side by Side
• Submersible
• Vertical Sump & Pit Pumps

Performance Curves