P6 PolyMix

The P6 PolyMix™ Process and Pump Bring a Completely New Approach to Dewatering of Sludge and Slurries

P6 PolyMix™ (P6) patented process reduces polymer consumption, leaves drier cake solids and eliminates pump maintenance.

Working within an existing polymer-fed dewatering process such as feeding belt filter presses (BFP), centrifuges, gravity thickeners, screw presses, and other dewatering processes which utilize polymers for thickening and dewatering, the unprecedented efficiency and performance of the P6 PolyMix™ system optimizes to the client’s processes.

Optimizations in the location of polymer introduction into the sludge, the process of how the polymer is mixed with the wastewater sludge, the volume of flow fed to the dewatering equipment, and reliability of the press feed pump are all addressed, resulting in the potential for reduced polymer consumption and cost, the potential for drier cake solids, and the elimination of feed pump maintenance.

No additional mixing or blending is required because the P6 PolyMix™ system is a complete solution to sludge feed for dewatering applications. Because all mixing takes place inside of the pump, there is no post feed pumping high pressure mixer valve needed, nor the need to provide an expensive mixing tank or floc tank ahead of the dewatering equipment.

P6 PolyMix

The Background Problem in the Dewatering System and our Innovative P6 Solution

The P6 PolyMix™ (P6) patented system solves the age-old problem inherent with all dewatering systems. Mixing of suspended solids and polymer has been the weak link in the dewatering process. Thoroughly mixing of the polymer with the suspended solids in the slurry/sludge is required for optimal dewatering. The P6 PolyMix™ system solves the problem of inadequate mixing while saving polymer costs 25% to 50%, and increasing cake solids. Contact a Discflo sales representative to learn more.


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The unique characteristics of the Boundary Layer Viscous Drag (BL-VD) P6 PolyMix™ pump eliminates pump maintenance and repair.

The P6 PolyMix™ process uses Discflo Disc Pump’s industry leading BL-VD pump for the heart of the pump, mixing, sludge/polymer conditioning process. These disc pumps have a proven history of requiring little to zero maintenance, ensuring the productivity of your process.

UpTime Service

As opposed to downtime which costs time and money for our end users.

Extremely Long Life Expectancy

Typically, 20 years in the municipal market, as opposed to 1-2 years between rebuilds with the competitive pumps.


Eliminate downtime for cleaning out (unplugging) the competitive pumps that plug up.

Life Cycle Costs (LCC)

Are the lowest for the abrasive and abrasive/viscous pumping application typical of water and wastewater pumping applications

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