How Discflo Pumps Stand Out

When choosing an industrial pump, there’s a wide range of options; but if you need to pump large particulates, suspended solids, highly viscous material, a shear sensitive product, or abrasive fluids, your options quickly become limited. That’s where Discflo pumps come in.

From conception to execution, our pumps are built differently. We start by looking at the most difficult materials to pump first, and then design our pumps to meet those needs. That’s why our pumps make the most difficult pumping jobs easy.

So how exactly are Discflo pumps different from other pumps?


Discflo’s pumps’ Net Positive Suction Head – Required (NPSH-R) is one third of traditional centrifugal pumps. This means that with Discflo pumps, you can easily pump thick and heavy material, while other pumps may experience violent vibrations and damage when the NPSH-A (Net Positive Suction Head – Available) drops below the NPSH-R.

Low Minimum Stable Continuous Flow

When a pump has a high minimum continuous flow, it has difficulty pumping viscous material because it can’t maintain its flow rate. If the liquid being pumped falls below a pump’s minimum continuous flow, it causes vibrations that could damage the pump.

Our minimum stable continuous flow is much lower than other pumps on the market. So with a Discflo pump, even when the liquid moves very slowly, the flow stays laminar and doesn’t lead to pump damage.

No Emulsification or Product Damage

Our pumps use a patented technology that isn’t available in any other pump, the Discpac. In place of a conventional impeller (which violently pushes fluid through), our Discpac gently pulls fluid through the pump using viscous drag technology. This design allows smooth, laminar, non-turbulent, non-impingement flow, and ultimately, no direct contact with the material that could damage or emulsify the product.

For example, Discflo pumps were installed at a National Egg Products facility to pump unfiltered egg whites. Their previous pumps had to be rebuilt every three months, with a complete replacement every year due to egg shell particles wearing down the rotors. They were also having a problem with the whites’ shear sensitivity and constant foaming. Our disc pumps solved both of their issues because they could easily withstand the egg shell abrasion, and thanks to our laminar flow technology, pumping did not cause foaming.

Another shear sensitive fluid our pumps excel at handling is crude oil. If the shear sensitivity of crude oil is not considered when selecting a pump, then the water used to mine the oil and the oil itself can emulsify and become an expensive problem. After emulsification, your options for separating the water and oil are to either use expensive chemicals, or to let them sit for a long period of time. Either way, it’s an expensive process that could be avoided by using a pump that was built for pumping shear sensitive material, such as a Discflo pump.

Highly Durable & Corrosion Resistant

Our disc pumps are built for extreme durability and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for chemical handling. Our titanium pumps were put to work at a Clorox plant pumping a proprietary gel-like cleaning fluid that contained 5% solids and had a pH of 13. Our pumps handled the solids volume with ease, but also tackled the unique challenge of the high pH. The Clorox plant engineers were extremely satisfied with the pumps’ performance, as well as their quiet operation.

Low Maintenance, Long Life

Person working on yellow pumpOne of the most beneficial features a pump can offer is low maintenance, so we’ve designed that into our pumps as well. Our high quality pumps reduce the need for pump maintenance substantially, requiring only yearly checks on the Discpacs.

Discflo pumps have low to no radial load, which lengthens the life of the pump’s bearings and seals, allowing them to last longer than other pumps. Our pumps also have no close tolerances, effectively eliminating the root cause of excessive wear that plagues the performance of conventional pumps. It’s not uncommon that we hear from customers 20 years later that our pumps are still in operation.

Custom Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to industrial pumps, and unique applications often require unique solutions. Our engineering team loves a challenge and thrives on supplying custom solutions when you need a specialized size, metallurgy, or configuration for your application. We’re here to help design a pump that’s exactly the right fit for your operation.

A Proven Solution

Discflo Pumps have been successfully serving the top companies in the world for over 40 years. Our commitment to providing the most efficient and economical solutions to the toughest pumping problems has earned us a global reputation as the go-to for hard-to-pump applications.

Our pumps simply last longer, require fewer (if any) repairs, and won’t damage your product.

At the end of the day, you want a pump that’s reliable, durable, and a perfect fit for your application. If you have a centrifugal, eccentric, progressive cavity, lobe, gear, or even chopper pump that needs to be replaced, contact us for a quote below.